Home Theater

Nothing makes watching movies at home more exciting than a well-designed home theater/surround sound system! With a professionally installed system, your living/media room can be transformed into something magical, with eye-popping 4K images that can truly bring the full theater experience into your home!

Most home theaters start with a cinema-sized, Ultra High-Definition image, and Custom Theater and Audio offers front projection systems capable of producing stunning, truly larger-than-life sized images. Or we can install a large LED flat-panel TV to serve as the focal point of your theater system. These large displays also make your home the place to watch the big game!

Audio is the other half of the home theater experience, with discreetly placed speakers sonically transporting you to another world. While home theater systems typically consist of five speakers and a subwoofer (referred to as 5.1), newer technologies such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X add additional channels – up to 11 or more speakers – for a truly over-the-top cinematic experience! Whatever your budget, room size, or design needs, Custom Theater and Audio offers a variety of speaker systems and styles – bookshelf, on-wall, in-wall, in-ceiling, floorstanding – that are sure to blow you and your guests away!

Whole Home Audio

Music sets the mood inside your home, providing the perfect backdrop whether you’re working, entertaining, or relaxing. Being able to enjoy your favorite songs in any room is a great way to improve your lifestyle, and many of our systems allow you to enjoy different tunes in different areas; U2 in the office, Michael Buble in the dining room, and Jimmy Buffett out by the pool! Our wide array of architectural, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers not only blend in with any home’s décor, with micro-thin bezels that practically disappear when installed, they come in a range of styles to meet individual performance needs. Beyond your personal music library or music stored on your phone, you can enjoy an unlimited variety of tunes streamed from the Internet: Pandora, Spotify, Sirius/XM, Tidal. Deezer, iHeartRadio, and more, all available right at your fingertips! We carry a wide range of systems including Sonos which can be the perfect solution for existing homes.